Quality Service

I guarantee my work for 30 days, and after you've had service to me I extend my remote tech services at no cost for minor details. This means that whenever you have a strange nuance occuring or just a general question about how something works, or how to do something specific, I can remote into your computer with you over the phone and solve the problem with you. Unless it takes close to an hour, I don't usually charge for this service.

Primary services

Standard Repairs

Virus removal, stubborn problem fix, hardware replacement, performance improvement and more, all run between $90-$120 on average. Most often you can expect a price of ~$95. Typical repair time is between 48-72hrs and appointments can usually be scheduled 24hrs in advance, sometimes the day of.

On-Site Services

I charge $65/hr on-site, but depending on the severity I lower my rates dynamically for residential clients. I'm usually able to expunge a virus or a major problem in about 2 hours.

Rating Discount

Want to receive a discount on your next service? Rate me on Google Maps and I will provide you a 10% discount on your next service!