Recommended Backup Program : Zip Cloud

Your data is the most valuable thing about your computer. Whether it's pictures of family and loved ones, important files for school or work, your tax information or your entire business; it needs to be backed up. My data backup solutions provide you with a seamless backup of all your data to a secured off-site data farm. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe and ready for you whenever you need it. Don't wait for disaster to strike to wish you had protection, call today and schedule an appointment to get your computer protected. For even more security, I recommend a Three Point Backup Solution to guarantee your data integrity.

Zip cloud automated backup

My current recommendation for automated backups is Zip Cloud. Their pricing is the best in the market, and their services are unparalled. I tried finding something I could charge to sell, but nothing beats this service. For only $6/m you get 250GB, for only $7/m you get unlimited space! This comes with an easy-to-configure client that will automatically connect to their secured servers and keep all your data backed up.

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