Need a cheap computer? Maybe a first computer for your kids? Just need a cheap startup cost? This is the deal for you! Guaranteed under $300 this computer comes fully stocked with all the essentials and is internet-ready.


Getting a computer for your kids has many advantages. It gives them a safe sandbox environment to learn to use a computer responsibly without impacting your work life by compromising the security of your own computer and risking data loss or equipment failure. It allows them to develop crucial computer skills that will put them ahead of the game as they are going into school and increases their employability down the road by giving them the ability to learn the ins and outs of a computer at a young age.

This computer won't be the fastest, but it comes with a two year limited warranty that covers parts and a 15% discount on all pickup maintenance.

Prices vary based on part cost and availability, all computers are built to order and upgrades are available.

*prices vary based on market cost. Call for quote.

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