This is the preferred package for most users. I come to your house, pickup your computer, fix it, and bring it back. Gas continues to rise, but I don't charge for travel because I know that every dollar you save is important in this tough economy. I are here to serve you, let me prove it by calling me today!


Travel in the Albuquerque area is, as always, free! Let me come pick up your computer today and bring it back to my shop where I will not only fix the problem, but I will also clean out the interior. Unclogging fans, removing dust and dirt, and increasing the life span of your components. This service is ideal if you don't have time at home for a technician to fix your computer but can afford to be without it for a few days. Ask about rental laptops if you still need a computer for the few days that yours is in the shop! After your machine is fully repaired, a technician will call you to negotiate a time to drop it off at your house or business. Again, travel is always free!

Note: Your computer will be in my shop during maintenance. Most repairs take less than 72 hours, however your repairs may take longer. You will be given time estimates over the phone both before pickup, and after the initial in-shop check.

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