Just get a new computer and you’re not sure how to set it up? Let me do the work for you! I will remove “junk-ware”, and install all the programs you need to use your computer every day. Take the guess work out of a new computer with this easy, on-site service today!


With the new computer setup, even if you purchased a computer from someone besides me I will come install it, organize all the cables, and remove unwanted junk ware that major companies place on your machine before shipping it to you.

FACT: Major manufacturers place "junk-ware" on new computers during rollout to save money. This usually consists of third party trial-based programs that run at startup and create annoying pop-ups when you turn on your computer asking you to buy their software. Junk ware slows your computer down considerably, and is often very hard to simply uninstall because often enough drivers are intermingled with the free trial programs. Let me remove the junk-ware and give you the computer you paid for!

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