Got a nasty virus? Is it keeping you from doing what you need to do on the computer or creating annoying pop-up ads? Viruses compromise your productivity and put your computer and personal files at constant risk. Call me today and I can remove the virus before it has time to spread to other computers or destroy your irreplaceable data.


Virus removal will take place either on-site at your home or office or it will be off-site at my workshop. Either way, I come to you for free to retrieve the equipment. Prices vary based on on-site or off-site, and service is guaranteed for 30 days. There are times when a virus infection cannot be removed due to the extremity, or when a removal would cost much more than a Windows reinstallation. If this is the case for your equipment, you will be notified as soon as the technician determines this, and your repair will change accordingly to save you the most money on your computer repair.

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